Another sample sale site for you ladies to check out.

Billion Dollar Babes is offering KINERASE and AMAZING COSMETICS and C&C California for super cheap!

Invitation to Billion Dollar Babes here.

Clarisonic Brush On Sale @ Gilt Groupe

Picture shows a preview of what is going to be on sale. I have the pink one.

Starting tomorrow Friday 14th at 9:00 AM PST Gilt Groupe is having a sale on the amazing Clarisonic Brush.

This brush is magical! MAGICAL! I used to get tiny bumps under my skin, but when I started using the clarisonic the bumps are gone! My skin feels firmer, softer and more even-toned. The pores on my nose and on my cheeks have gone down in size. The blackheads on my nose come back much slower. I don't think you can totally get rid of the blackheads on your nose, but making them come back slower is great.

I'd recommend this brush to EVERYONE! The brush comes at a heavy price tag. It runs for about $200. Worth every penny.

I'm sure Gilt Groupe will be selling them at a lower price tag.

You have to be invited to shop.

Here is an invitation to Gilt Groupe.

Konad Nail Art Intitial Review

I purchased the GOLD KIT from the Orange County Fair for $84.95 +tax. The lady threw in a free top coat and she let me exchange 4 design discs for cuter ones. yeha! If I was to order this online I would be stuck with some ugly designs. One disc that wasn't included that I exchanged for was M19, which is the french tip disc.

What is included?

  • Stamper, Scraper, 50 rhinestones, 8 design disc, 7 SPECIAL nail polishes, 1 design disc holder (the holder is not something to get excited over :( )
  • Design disc included: M O6, M O8, M O9, M 16, M 22, M 24, M 25, M54
  • Special Polishes: White, Black, Red, Green, Yellow, Pink Pearl, Blue all 10 ml

It was extremely difficult to take pictures of these disc! They kept reflecting my flash. When I didn't use flash you couldn't make out the designs. This was the best I could do. Click to enlarge.

Testing it out on myself. Being precise is very difficult. No top coat. Nail color is China Glaze in "Spontaneous"

I love this one! With top coat. Even though I used the special top coat, it still smeared. Because I did not coat fast enough. Nail color is China Glaze in "For Audrey"
Tip 1: Do not press the stamper on the design disc so strongly. I had to learn the hard way 10 times :(. The design will transfer to the stamper much better if you press lightly.
Tip 2: Do not use regular nail polishes for your design. They are too thin and sheer.
tip 3: Use the special top coat. Paint over nail quickly and lightly.

The bad
The hard part is not stamping it onto your nail, rather being precise. No one nail will be symmetrical with the next. The leopard design didn't cover my whole thumb nail. Some designs aren't made for ladies with super long nails. Some designs are too fine (lines, shape, etc) that only up close could you see what the design really look like. Requires that you work quickly. Stamper can easily collect residue making stamping uneven. You wont get great results each time.

The good
It's soo pretty! Special nail polish is very opaque and dries super fast. Easy to use. Nail polish doesn't stain the stamper. LARGE variety of designs. Once you get the hang of it, you could get done in 5 mins (does not include time to paint your nails and let them dry). AND SUPER PRETTY!
My thoughts on this nail stamping system is very pleasant. The stamping system works well.

Although I have more bad than good, I would definitely repurchase. The bad was just my being picky.

I will not include my own step by step instructions. I didn't feel it to be necessary because Kizz101 showed it so much better!

thanks for looking!


FOTD: Smokey Metalic Brown.

Super easy! This look is a copy of Awilda Hearts Makeup Tutorial. I loved it on her soooo much that I had to replicate it!

  1. Use a black base. I used Urban decay 24/7 pencil in zero. Apply all over the lid and blend.
  2. Apply Urban decay Smog shadow all over the lid. blend w/ MAC 224. blend. rest. and blend some more dammit. :)
  3. I highlighted with MAC femme-fi shadow. LOVE!
  4. Use nylon eye shadow at tear ducts
  5. Use stila eye kajal in onyx on water line.
  6. Use Blacktrack gel liner to line lid.
  7. DONE!

I Hope you like the look!


MAC Brush Collection July 7, 2009

Hey lovelies, here is my MAC brush collection! It is a moderate collection that truly warms my heart. My MAC brushes are the best makeup investment ever! I do not regret buying any of these hair balls. I know they are costly, but so worth it!

If you want an in dept review on any one of these, do request.

My favorites are in BOLD. These are the ones I use the most.

Whole Collection:
starting from the left: MAC 182, 217, 249, 219, 169, 242, 187, 138, 116, 109, 165, 217, 239, 188, 222, 224

Eye candy:
starting from the left: MAC 217, 249, 219, 242, 217, 239, 222, 224

Face It:
Left to right: MAC 169, 188, 187, 138, 116, 182, 109, 165

Michael Jackson Gone Too Soon.

Michael Jackson died on Thursday June, 25 2009. I'm not going to write on his conditions and how he died. You could research that on your own time.

I was hit by the new when me and my bf were on a UCLA campus tour. Our tour guides have mentioned that Michael was at UCLA Medical Center. When we saw a helicopter fly over us, the tour guide jokingly said there goes Michael. No one at this time expected something tragic. I can't speak for the whole group, but I was too busy taking in the thought of being in close proximity to the King of Pop. He was right in UCLA's backyard.

A member of the tour alerted us of the shocking news upon a text message. Everyone was in disbelief. Michael Jackson can't die. He is too important to die. He isn't that old. What...he had heart problems? I think this was why the disbelief was so strong. At least, for me.

RIP Michael Jackson. You will be missed by the the whole world.

I was there at the heart of the end of a legend. Here are some pictures. Given that my boyfriend was driving as I took pictures, they aren't the best.:

There were at least 4 of these:

traffic was bad.... They shut down the street lights

ABC 7 was there

Big crowd to honor MJ


ABC 7 had their vans everywhere.

Hospital Where MJ was taken to

On right over the hospital..

How To Depot Your Eye Shadows with a Candle

This is a step by step picture tutorial on how to depot your shadows!
Please be careful when handling fire.


Stuff you will need:

  1. Peeler or pointed object like a knife to loosen shadow from container
  2. scissors to cut label and magnet
  3. lighter for candle
  4. magnet 3/4'' x 3/4'' 19 mm x 19mm to place on bottom of shadow pan
  5. single shadow to depot
  6. candle to melt plastic and remove label
  7. crappy tweezers to hold shadow over flame and poke through container

Take your peeler and wiggle it between the lip. It should pop out easily with a thin pointed tip.

To remove the label, hold your container high over the flame for about 10 seconds. Maybe less. Don't hold the container stationary. Move it in circular motions to distribute heat evenly.

Once you spot an edge of the label rise, it is time to remove it from the flame. Take your tweezers and peel back the label.It should look like this. The adhesive should still feel sticky. Leave this to the side.

Take your shadow and place it over the flame. Keep the tip of the flame in the center of the shadow.

It should look like this....

Take your tweezers and poke it through the center. Do this quickly the plastic dries fast.

Poke through until the shadow falls off. Be sure to NOT TO TOUCH THE PAN! It is hot! Leave it to the side to cool.

In the mean time... cut the four corners of your magnet. Peel off the white paper.
OPTIONAL: If you want to clean off the sticky residue on the bottom of the pan, you can do so with rubbing alcohol prior to sticking on the magnet.

Stick the adhesive side of the magnet on the pan. I chose not to take off the sticky residue.
Cut your label into a rectangle
Stick it on the back of your magnet! WE are DONE! THAT'S it!


IMATS 2009


I went to IMATS on Saturday 20, 2009 in Pasadena and it was bloody awesome! It was packed with makeup fantastic girls and guys. I loved the atmosphere and I loved the selection and just about EVERYTHING! I can't wait for next year!

I went with my bf, my friend Jan, my BFF Diem, Diem's bf, and Diem's bf's sister.

Jan and I arrived at 7:40 a.m and left at 2:00 p.m. I still felt like I had more to see after we left!

I got some great stuff to share with you. Everything at the makeup convention were at discounted prices. Mac Pro: 20% off; Make Up For Ever: 40%.

Getting busy at 8 am.

Me and my bf <3

Eve Pearl doing hur thangg....

There she is again...

I thought this was interesting....

The MAC stand was busy all day! I was disappointed because they had close to nothing that I wanted. The stand was small :( and the discount was wack.

Make Up For Ever 10 eye shadow palette.
This palette sucks. The palette itself feels like the packaging NARS use on their blushes. The matte black that kinda feels like rubber. I was never a fan of this kind of material. The palette is sturdy and light weight. Once you stick in your eye shadow pan it is extremely difficult to take them out. There is no concave opening like the MAC Pro palettes. Also, the hard coating over the form is hard to clean and get extremely shimmery with shadow fall out.

Shadows are soft and smooth. Pigmentation is great. In my opinion, these shadows are better than some of MAC's shadows. All the shadows I got had the same texture as veluxe pearl from MAC.

Model in a Bottle Sensitive Skin Formula Matte finish. $12 at convention
This product claims to add moisture and help control inflammation. Also claims that you do not need to do touch ups. Model in a Bottle is resistant to smudging, tears, humidity, and water.
The first time I sprayed it on my face it smelled like strong rubbing alcohol and it stung my lips. I did notice my face looked smoother and less powdery. I can't say too much about it's claims because I have not worn it for a deserved time.

The smaller bottle is Model in a Bottle Long Lasting Eyebrow Sealer. $8 at convention
The product is suppose to hold your brows in place all day. Also claims to hold your brow makeup all day. It comes with 2 applicators. A mascara-like wand and a nail polish-like brush.
The wand is suppose to give more volume to the brows and the brush is to define.

MAC 182 Brush
Meet my new lover. I'm freaking obssessed with MAC 182 kabuki brush. So soft, so dense, so perfect! Something embarrassing: When I get bored, I would reach for this brush and brush it all over my face because it feels so GOOD! hehehehe.

MAC Minerlized Eye Shadow Duo in Earthly Riches.
I LOVE these colors. The purple and gray are gorgeous! I can't believe I just realized how much I love these colors.

Make Up For Ever Duo Mat in 203
I've used this power today and I'm really impressed. It does not look powdery (a huge plus for powder foundation), it looks natural, my skin looks subtly dewy. Not cakey. Love it so far. I would say coverage is light to medium.

OCC Lip Tars. $10 at convention
I'm not going to lie, I got these because of the good reviews. I tested Grandma on my lips because out of all of them it looks the most wearable. The result was eye poppin'. These glosses/lippies are totally meant to be mix. These lip tars give full coverage on the lips. They are nonsticky. They feel silky and smooth on the lips. These don't have a good smell or a bad smell either. They stained my hand and my lips. This could be a bad thing or a good thing. The stain does come off with soap and water. They kinda smell like crayons. I recommend using a lip liner because these lip tars do bleed. I would highly recommend these. It deserves a try. Org price is $12.50

Bloody helll. I'd wish I got more!

Bye my beautiful readers!